A man portable machinegun

weapon (ranged)

The Mini-Slugger is a form of portbale fire support often employed by Trencher and Trencher Commando units. It is man portable – although it takes great strength to fire the weapon from the hip – and can output a high rate of fire. While its belt feed mechanism can be tempermental, most units are willing to overlook its faults for the amount of death it can deal. It is also commonly seen in the hands of Trollkin, who can use the weapon as easily as most humans can use a rifle.

TL  Weapon	     Damage    Acc  Range    Weight   RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
5   Mini-Slugger     4d pi+    3    410/3200 30       6   50(5) 16B -7   2  

Note – The Mini-Slugger is Unreliable. It malfunctions on a roll of 15+.
Note – Belts come in strips longer than 50, but belts longer than that tend to be cumbersome for one man to operate. If an assistant gunner is used, or the weapon is situated in a fixed emplacement, strips can come in as long as 300!



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