Trencher Rifle

Standard Issue Trencher Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The workhouse of every Trencher regiment, the Trencher Rifle is a simple, tough, breechloading design. While not able to put out as much fire as the more advanced Long Guns, it can withstand much harsher conditions, and is far simpler to operate. It comes equipped with a simple sight and a bayonet lug, for attaching a heavy trench knife.


TL  Weapon	     Damage    Acc  Range    Weight   RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
5   Trencher Rifle   4d+2 pi+  3    470/3000  9.0/0.6  1   1(3) 10  -6   4 

For designated sharpshooters, the Trencher Rifle can be refined by Cygnar’s armorers to shoot straighter and further, and comes mounted with an advanced optic.

TL  Weapon	     Damage    Acc  Range    Weight   RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
5 Acc. Trencher Rifle 4d+2 pi+  5+2  500/3250  9.0/0.6  1   1(3) 10  -6   4 

AS SPEAR (n.b. When bayonet is mounted, all ranged attacks are at -1 Guns skill)

Damage        Reach   Parry    
thr+3 imp     1,2*    0       

The Trencher Rifle is sensative to fouling. On a malfunction (p. B407), a stoppage indicates a stuck case that must be pried out with a knife or a screwdriver with six ready maneuvers.


Trencher Rifle

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